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It’s just the truth. I didn’t do anything. You left with a man that you barely know and spoke about it like it was true love. You walked away knowing full well what kind of shithole you left me in and what kind of fallout I had to deal with. That letter just was another twist of the dagger you left in my heart. I wouldn’t have wanted to see you anymore then I’d have to.

Well. Still. Wes, I’m not going to do this thing with you if we don’t move on. I left with a man who I am deeply in love with. And I am still dating after living together for two months. I didn’t know you would lose your magic. I didn’t know that was going to happen. I wouldn’t have left. And let’s recall that I ran because you bought me from my father. So. 


Communication. I actually think knowing why you left hurt me more. Knowing that you never intended to come home.

Thank you. You had to know I still loved you. You needed to know that it wasn’t like I was walking away and would never see you me again. 


Honey, you have a way with words regardless your form. Like putting me into a hell of a depression with a mere letter.

My form, hm, Jack? Well. I was out of options.


Really? I was positive it was your silver tounge that I fell for in the first place…

True, but that silver tongue only works when I’m speaking to you directly. It’s the voice with the tongue. 

Evening. I hope you don’t all think me antisocial, I just hate talking on this. Medium, thing. It’s harder to charm people without my devilish good-looks. 

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[Owl sent to Kurt]

[Plus a note]:

Here he is… and he’s most definitely a he… I checked…

Basically, he’s really tiny and kinda bumpy all over, but his scales are hardly noticeable to the touch… You can kind of tell at the top of his head where the horns will come from, but right now he’s just got these two weird knobs coming from out of his head. Oh and he’s got some knobs on his back too, and you can see the slim… triangles… or whatever… protruding from the knobs, but they don’t have any connective tissue which is… concerning… I’m sure it’ll… grow in or… something… He’s just keeping those things close to his back for now.

… He purrs a lot. At least, I think it’s purring… It could be passive-aggressive growling, but I really hope not… Oh yeah, and he doesn’t have any teeth either… I’ve been feeding him ground mealworms… Gross, right? Anyway… Here’s my… dragon… baby… Merlin’s beard…

[Trick leaps up on Blaine’s bed unexpectedly, his eyes bright blue as he nudges Blaine’s cheek and drops a note on his chest, tied up in twine, before going over to Alexander, his eyes turning light violet as he snuggles up next to him]

Merlin, Blaine, you are in fucking deep. And you can draw. Wow. Anyhow, does he have a name? Care of Magical Creatures has never been my best class, so I’m not sure I could identify him if I’ve seen him, but maybe you should come look through my personal library- the perks of being a rich boy from old money is having a fuck ton of books. I’ll find the ones about dragons and see what we can do. 

Yeah, I happen to know that dragons do purr, when happy. Guh, that sucks. I can’t imagine, but. Careful, Blaine. Remember what happened with the legend of Aragog. 

Nice to see you again, cutie.



Not long enough, in my opinion. But the administration seems like it couldn’t care less whether you were here or not so that’s a bummer.


Oh, honey, I know you can’t possibly understand what it’s like to be important, but the son of the Minister goes where he pleases when he pleases. This ‘administration’ you speak of are all old family friends. 

I’m back.


Whiskers on kittens and warm woolen mittens

Point taken. Later, little one.



We had a lot of things to catch up on. 

That’s very true. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy it. 

I’m back.


Well…glad to have you back.


It’s… nice to be hear, I guess. How are you?

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